Your Perfect Program for FLOW-IN Life
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The 4 Levels of the QUANTUM LEAP-Program

Master the High Art of FLOW-IN Quantum Jumping


Level 1:

Webinars & Lectures



Get in personal touch with the founder, Andreas Jell, and

be inspired by his experience and his knowledge,

be motivated by his excitement and his humor and

be fascinated by his unique ability to translate highly complex, quantum-scientific contents into interesting and comprehensive facts and insights!

Level 2:


HIRN Vortrag-250

First Experiences!

Your expectations!

Re-gain your faith in your fantastic, innermost potential as co-creator!

Your understanding!

Understand the big picture and walk your first steps in the program!

Your preparation!

Perfectly prepare yourself for your successful quantum jumping! 

Level 3:


Quantensprung 150x173

Your Quantum Leap!

Where you start!

The FLOW-IN Test for your multi-dimensional orientation!

Your Perfect Plan!

Realize – and choose wisely! Master quantum cybernetics perception and action!

Your Personal Practice!

Release your blockages and consciously create FLOW, instead of waiting, hoping and wishing!

Level 4:



Living In FLOW!

Paradigm Shift!

Your Upgrade to 12-Dimensional in all areas of life!

FLOW-IN Surfer!

Integration & creative application of FLOW-IN for a fulfilled life in all dimensions of your existence!

Licensed FLOW-IN-Coach/-Teacher!

Evolve into a professional pacemaker of FLOW and fulfill your true purpose in life!

Let FLOW be Your Conscious Choice!

Learn to successfully harness our FLOW-IN program like ........

Professional Athletes

and become a true winner

Business Persons

and experience holistic success


and enjoy unleashed creativity

Suffering Victims

and set free your Inner Source of Life

Are You a Co-Creator Already – or Are You Still Asleep in Victim-Mode?

Are You the CO-CREATOR of Your Life?

As CO-CREATOR you experience yourself to be in the very center of your life. Your are IN FLOW and with it you are able to consciously ……….

  • INCREASE your physical condition up to 500% without external means,
  • CREATE a deep connection to yourself and happy relationships to people in your life,
  • SOLVE all the challenges and problems along your path through life with elegance and intelligence = win-win,
  • EXPERIENCE your creative powers, being mirrored on all levels of your life!

In consequence of being IN FLOW, you experience yourself as the perfectly right person, always in the right moment, everywhere at the right place to be, with the perfect answer to any situation, whatever challenge life may present to you.

…… Or Do You Believe to Be a VICTIM of Your Life?

As a VICTIM of your STRESS-Zone you fight and suffer through your own survival scenarios. There is no place for other people and you crash your relationships against the walls of your protection and personality programs. And trying to solve your problems even deeper leads into the constrictions with your self woven, neuronal matrix of survival mechanism, which you desperately try to escape from.

As a VICTIM of your ROUTINE-Zone you fully hide yourself behind your personality masks and your autopilot! Well, you might feel safe and in control of your world, YET, you miss the FLOW of life, which seems to completely bypass the playgrounds of your development and growth into a self realized human being.

As a VICTIM you have lost the nourishing contact with yourself and with it the true sense of your existence and your orientation for a clear and joyful path through life. And you constantly have to ask yourself questions, you (or the people in your life) never are able to really answer:  „Who am I?“ „What is the purpose of my life?“ „Where should I go?“ and all the other silly questions of a mind, lost in survival mode and being separated from its Source – YOU!

The really Good News …….

You already are a successful CO-CREATOR? Then, rest assured: There is more, way more,…….  way more easy, way better, way more successful, way more effective, way more fulfilled, way happier, way more creative, ……… waiting inside of you!

You experience yourself to be VICTIM? – Well, no matter what circumstances you find yourself in and no matter if stress signals you that you move in the wrong direction and no matter, if boring routine is your sign of already being dead, while your body still is carrying you through life:

YOU CAN BE SAVED and there is a perfect, quantum-intelligent solution for all of your problems


The Key to Your QUANTUM-Brain

Instead of being trapped as a VICTIM in the automatic loops of your Stress-Brain, you can use the FLOW-IN program as your perfect tool, to wake up as CO-CREATOR of your reality and to consciously and elegantly and immediately step out of your Victim-Mode any time you choose to!

And more than this: You will learn to consciously harness your fantastic Quantum-Brain and with it to perfectly solve all your existing problems and all the challenges ahead.

And there is even more, as you will be able to fully unfold the innermost quantum intelligence of your life.

This is what you need for your Quantum Leap
from the VICTIM-MODE to your life as a CO-CREATOR!

Your personal QUANTUM LEAP

Our FLOW-IN program offers you a unique way to your personal QUANTUM LEAP.

In our lectures, workshops and seminars you get the opportunity to directly experience, how

easy, elegant und effektive

it can be to upgrade your life to a better, happier and more fulfilled experience on all dimensions and levels of your existence.

And imagine this!

All the physical, energetic and spiritual resources you need for the delicate experience of PERFECT FLOW you already own!

And all the quantum intelligence to solve ALL problems of ALL times in your life, in a perfect way, is constantly working in each of your cells, waiting to jump into your awareness, ready to transform you into the being, you really are:

A fantastic CO-CREATOR of your life in time and space!  

„Imagine there is FLOW – and everybody joins in