Andreas Jell-Biography

  Andreas Jell, born 1958 in Salzburg – Austria

1979: Successful graduation in Advanced Laboratory Diagnostics in Salzburg – Austria

1979 – 1987:  Working as med. techn. Assistent for clinical laboratory diagnostics, toxikology and emergency laboratory diagnostics

1986: Education in body-oriented psychotherapy and hypnotherapy by M. Erickson in Zurich – Switzerland

1988: Education in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture in Frankfurt / Main – Germany

1990: Education and successful graduation as Certified Healing Practitioner in Friedberg/Hessen – Germany

1993: Education and advanced training in psychosomatic und sexual medicine in Germany and Switzerland

1996: Education in Chiropractic in Stockholm/Sweden

1997: Trainer’s license for educational Courses in quantum technologies and transformational consciousness work with over 600 seminars worldwide  (Europe: Germany, Austria, Schweiz, Switzerland, Belgium, England, Spain, Croatia. USA: California, Hawai’i. Asia: Japan, India. Dubai.)

1999: Author: Healthy with Tachyons (Windpferd Verlag)

1999: Teacher for international trainers in advanced self healing with quantum technologies and quantum consciousness in Santa Rosa / CA – USA

2001: Founder and international teacher of  „Tachopuncture“ – the combination of modern quantum physics and traditional Chinese medicine and mystic.

2003: Education in various methods of warm water therapy in  California and Hawai’i / USA

2004: Doctorate & teacher in „Transformational Science“ at the UISCA in Santa Rosa / CA – USA

2005: Founder of „Applied Quantum Cybernetics“ and the Quantum Cybernetics Academy Int. – with its 3 years education program in cooperation with the graduation program of the Universidad Empresarial – UNEM – in Costa Rica.

2007: Doctorate in Quantum Cybernetics at the Universidad Empresarial – UNEM – in Costa Rica. 

2007: Discovery of the electronic functions of the six external eye muscles and foundation of the „Oculo-Motoric Regulation – OMR“ method

2009: Lectureship at the Hwato University for trad. Chinese Medicine in Holland and the accreditation of his  Applied Quantum cybernetics methods as certified advanced post graduate education for naturopathic doctors, therapists and acupuncturists by the main associations of alternative medicine in Holland, Belgium and Luxemburg.

2010: Author of 13 eBOOKs about Applied Quantum Cybernetics (13 eBOOKs)

2013: Founder of „Befelden 6.0“ and the therapeutic integration of  the „High-Frequency-DNA-Resonance-Therapy“ in the AQC-system. Development of a 3 step education program for healing professionals.

2015: Founder of the „Meta-Meditation“ method for modern meditation and advanced brain control and training.

2016: Founder of the Flow.In.Life program for the induction of FLOW states in all areas of life.

2018: Founder and teacher of the FLOW-IN Coaching method and the according seminar program: „QuantumLeap

2019: Membership at the THE UNIVERSAL TRUST

2019: Co-Founder of the PLEASANT QUANTUM RISE – PQR program